What is "Aggressive Doze"

If this feature is enabled, your device will enter Doze Mode in minutes (instead of hours stationary normally) after the screen goes off if not charging, to improve its power-saving efforts.

Doze mode is a new power saving mechanism introduced in Android 6.0. In this mode, background behaviors of all apps (except white-listed) are strictly prohibited, until next user interaction or charging. The device will also periodically (in hours) exit doze mode briefly.

Doze on the Go

Android system uses a low power "significant motion sensor" (if present in hardware) to track movement and exits Doze Mode if significant movement is detected, because the stock Doze Mode is designed for battery-saving in stationary state. Doze on the Go effectively removes this restriction and keeps your device in Doze Mode even during movement.

Android 7.0 introduced native support of Doze on the Go and a new light doze mode, which blocks network access but not wake-up timers of the app. When movement is detected, it exits deep doze and keeps in light doze, and then goes back into deep doze after device is stationary for some time. The Greenify version of "Doze on the Go" will always keep your device in deep doze on Android 7.0, regardless of movement.


Q: Why is my device very lagging when woken from long time sleep (hours)?
A: This seems like a bad consequence of stock Doze Mode itself if too many apps are installed. Because Doze Mode effectively postpone all the background behaviors during the doze. The longer doze lasts, the more tasks to do when exiting. Consider greenifying more background-itchy apps to reduce the lag, because hibernation is still the essential solution for them.

Q: Why I can't enable this option in settings? My device is on Android 6.0.
A: Aggressive Doze should work on all devices with Android 6+, unless the Doze Mode is disabled by the ROM. If you are using a custom ROM made by community, ask the
ROM modder to enable this flag in the ROM: com.android.internal.R.bool.config_enableAutoPowerModes

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