What is "Shallow Hibernation"

Shallow hibernation is an entirely new hibernation mechanism built exclusively for Android 6.0+, with better compatibility and efficiency.

Apps will no longer be killed in shallow hibernation, with interaction context preserved for snappier task switching, while all the background behaviors are still strictly prohibited during hibernation.

Shallow-hibernated apps will be woken for a brief time periodically in hours and immediately upon HIGH priority GCM push (only if GCM priority is implemented by app developer). They will also keep awake during charging.

If enabled, shallow hibernation replaces the classic hibernation mechanism throughout Greenify.

This feature is NOT suggested for low memory device.

If it says "Your device or ROM is incompatible", that means an internal switch required by Shallow Hibernation is not turned on in the ROM. If the ROM is maintained by 3rd-party developers, please request them to enable the flag "config_enableAutoPowerModes" in the ROM.

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