Donation package is not working

  • Donation package is not recognized correctly.
First of all, Greenify uses standard Google Play license verification mechanism, no extra piracy-detection at all. But the Google Play licence verification might not always work as expected, especially in poor Internet conditions. So please try again some time later and you may find it working again.

Ensure the date and time on your device are accurate, significant time deviation will cause a validation failure.

If your ROM (e.g. MIUI, OxygenOS) has built-in auto-start settings (usually in permission management) , please ensure Donation Package is whitelisted.

If you are using any form of auto-start management tools, please check carefully whether any component in Donation Package or Google Play Store is blocked (or disabled). Try reverting such modifications.
Sometimes, reinstalling the donation package from Google Play may solve the issue.

If not, please try clearing the data of Google Play Store and Google Play services, reboot, then try again in Greenify.

You may have to manually remove any Greenify related .odex file in /data/app with root-enabled file manager. Some modding tool may leave these problematic files.

  • Donation package cannot be installed.
If Google Play Store shows that the donation package is not purchased, or unfamiliar error code. Please first ensure the current account in your Play Store is actually the same account when you purchase the donation package, then double check the order status in Google Payments.

If your device is rooted. Try removing the folder /data/data/ and any Greenify related .odex file in /data/app with root-capable file manager.

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